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How a Locksmith Can Help With Your Keyless Door Lock


Why Install a Keyless Door Lock

According to Safe Home, bump keys are a simple tool that anyone can get that allow you to open practically any traditional lock that opens with a key.

As technology has progressed, there are now worryingly easy ways to get past the protection of a key lock. Fortunately, technology has also upgraded our locking tools to protect us.

A keyless door lock is impervious to bump keys and other ways of circumventing a lock system. They also provide many other advantages.

Since keyless door lock and electronic locks usually run on batteries, it’s important to keep them at full charge. If your batteries run out, it may comfort you to know that locksmiths today are just as capable of helping you out with electronic locks as with old-fashioned key locks.

Read on to learn about the advantages of keyless door locks and what you can do when you’re locked out of your house.

Advantages of Keyless Door Locks

Two of the most common kinds of digital locks for doors are the card key lock and the keypad door lock.

Card key locks have a slot that you can slide a card into. The card works a little bit like a traditional key. When you put the card inside the slot in the lock, an electronic mechanism insides reads information off of the card and unlocks the door.

Keypad door locks, on the other hand, don’t require you to carry any kind of key or card with you at all. Instead, they have a set of buttons on them, usually the numbers from 0 to 9. You unlock a keypad door lock by pressing the right sequence of numbers.

Wifi Capabilities

One of the great things about using electronic locks is that they open up the opportunity to control them remotely. Wifi keypad door locks allow you to sync your door’s lock to a device like your phone or computer.

Once your devices are synced, you can lock and unlock the door not just by pushing the right sequence of buttons on the keypad, but simply by pushing one button on your phone. This can even allow you to control your keyless door lock if you’re at work, or on a vacation thousands of miles away.

In the past, if someone needed to get into our house while we were gone, there wasn’t much we could do about it. If the situation was desperate enough, we might send them to fetch a spare key from a family member or friend.

But doors with smart lock wifi can allow you let people into your house whenever you need to, no matter where you are, and with no need to leave keys behind anywhere.

Not only that, but imagine you think you might have forgotten to lock your doors before leaving the house. In the past, you might have worried about it for hours, called a friend to check your house, or rushed home to take care of it yourself.

But a good door lock with wifi capability can allow you to check the status of your doors while you’re away from home and even lock them so you can keep your home safe and not have to worry about it.


The problem with carrying around physical keys to get into your house is that they can always be lost or stolen. This is even a problem for electronic locks that rely on card keys.

If you lose a key or card, you’ll have to think about who might have found it and whether or not you need new locks to make sure that only you and people that you authorize can get into your house.

With good door locks with keypads, there is no key of any kind to lose or have stolen, so you never need to worry about someone taking or finding a key and sneaking in.


Both card key locks and keypad locks are more convenient than traditional locks. A card key can fit right in your wallet or purse and be much easier to keep around. The door unlocks as soon as you insert it, with no need to turn it.

Some card key locks even sense your card when it’s a few inches from the lock, so you don’t even have to take it out of your wallet.

Keypad door locks don’t require you to carry any item at all to get into your house. All you need is a number sequence that you can remember, and you can always get inside, with no need to remember to take anything with you when you leave the house.

What If I Can’t Get In My House?

Locks of all kinds can fail, albeit in different ways. When it comes to electronic locks, your locks are less likely to jam or break, and more likely to just run out of battery power.

Alternatively, you might find yourself with a dead phone, no way to charge it, and you forgot the number sequence to unlock your door! What to do then?

Just as you might do if you’re locked out of your house by a traditional lock, a quick call to the locksmith can bring a professional over to meet you and help you get into your house.

If you don’t know the inside of your lock very well, it can be riskier, but you could always try to open up your lock and try to override it. Many electronic locks have override systems you can use to open the door if you know how to use them. The safest option, however, is simply to call a locksmith.

On the other hand, the best scenario of all is one in which you don’t get locked out of your house at all. Your electronic locks are not designed to randomly run out of battery power, leaving you stuck outside.

Practically all smart locks, or electronic lock systems have indicators that tell you when to change the batteries or call a locksmith to perform maintenance. Just keep an eye out for your lock’s indicators and care for it properly, and you should never have this problem.

Enjoy Safe and Convenient Locks For Your Home Or Office

We hope you learned something helpful about keyless door locks in this piece. To learn more about locks and how locksmiths can help you install them, check out our other blog posts.

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